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Introducing OnlyTopTalent Recruitment Canvas

If you are looking for a very specific talent to add to your team or candidates who can work in a specific area, we suggest using one of our two managed recruiting packages that provides you with fully tailored sourcing and vetting of candidates. We search for 2 or 3 Top Talents based on your needs. It all starts with our Recruitment Canvas, the first step we take together to fully understand and focus your Top Talent search.

What is the OnlyTopTalent Recruitment Canvas?

Starting a journey without knowing the destination or the stops along the way is incredibly risky. It increases the chances of never reaching the desired destination, wasting valuable time, and making numerous mistakes in the process. The same principle applies to recruitment processes. It is crucial to conduct thorough initial research and analysis before embarking on a recruitment journey. This involves examining all the important aspects of the desired position and determining if hiring a new resource is truly necessary. That’s where the OnlyTopTalent Recruiting Canvas comes into play. For us, it is the first step every company or team should take before initiating a recruitment process.

The OnlyTopTalent Recruiting Canvas is a concise and easily readable one-page document. It effectively summarizes all the key elements of a potential job position and acts as a guide throughout the entire process. Inspired by the Lean Canvas used by startups to analyze their business ideas, our Recruitment Canvas aims to quickly identify the essential elements of the company, role, and candidate fit. It ensures a perfect alignment between the company’s needs, the role’s requirements, and the candidate’s expectations and qualities. Ultimately, this leads to a satisfying and enduring working relationship for all parties involved.

The OnlyTopTalent Recruitment Canvas is a collaborative document that originates from internal discussions, possibly involving external actors such as us. It helps focus any active search that arises from it, reducing changes in the pipeline that waste time and resources. Before the document is approved, it undergoes internal discussions with stakeholders to ensure it addresses the true business needs and excludes personal agendas. Once approved, it can be shared with the entire company and any relevant third parties such as OnlyTopTalent or classic headhunters.

5 Phases and 10 Steps

The OnlyTopTalent Recruitment Canvas is divided into 5 phases and includes a total of 10 steps. Each phase consists of two tasks/steps, and in order to move on to the next phase, the previous ones need to be completed and reviewed. Below is an example of a blank template where you need to fill in the operational details. You are required to provide the job title, date, and the stakeholders involved in drafting the recruitment canvas.

To do this, you must identify the stakeholders and invite them to a meeting to collaboratively create the canvas. This responsibility usually falls on one of the co-founders for startups or the HR department for larger companies (or OnlyTopTalent if you are our client). You should invite a minimum of 2 stakeholders, such as internal recruiters, hiring managers, team members, and possibly headhunters or OnlyTopTalent experts. The meeting to compile the recruitment canvas should not exceed one hour. In fact, participants are expected to work independently on a blank canvas beforehand and share their individual inputs at the beginning of the session. It’s important to refrain from writing a job description before completing the canvas. This is because you might discover that there is no actual need for recruitment, thus avoiding wasting time on unnecessary documentation.

Additionally, writing the job description in advance may influence or bias the content of the recruitment canvas. The canvas consists of 10 elements that need to be considered and filled in: problem, solution, company USP (unique selling point), role USP, candidate skills, daily job, sources, budget, value-added. Each element has specific rules to adhere to, with the aim of capturing the essential features in a concise one-page document. Let’s analyze each element individually by providing examples for two fictional roles – CRM Manager and Front-End Developer.

Recruitment Canvas: Guide to Fill the 10 Steps

When hiring a new person or opening a position for a specific role, it is important to understand the problem that you are trying to solve. Simply replacing someone who has resigned is not a sufficient answer, as the needs of a company can change over time. Generally, companies need to address three main issues: increasing sales, reducing expenses, and improving efficiency. It is important to identify the specific problem within one of these categories and focus on one or at most two main problems. If there are more than three problems, it may be necessary to hire additional people.

For example, a scale-up company may identify the problem of not effectively utilizing their 100k newsletter subscribers to generate revenues. On the other hand, a large consulting firm may need to address the misalignment between the front-end and back-end teams to meet client demands. It’s crucial to trace the problems back to their root cause and find solutions that align with company goals.

When it comes to finding solutions, there are multiple possibilities. Hiring a person with the necessary skills is the most straightforward option, but it’s also important to consider creative solutions that leverage existing resources. For example, instead of hiring a new person for a specific role, it may be possible to reassign someone within the company who has the necessary skills and motivation.

Next, it’s essential to identify the unique selling points (USPs) of the company that would attract someone to work there. These could include the company culture, values, work environment, and benefits. It’s important to be honest and transparent about the company’s strengths and potential drawbacks.

Identifying Skills, Responsibilities, and Selection Criteria

Identifying key skills is another crucial step. It’s important to determine the most essential technical and behavioral skills needed for success in the role. This helps in evaluating candidates effectively and finding the best fit for the position.

Understanding the daily responsibilities of the role is also important. This includes identifying the key activities that the successful candidate will be expected to perform on a regular basis. It’s important to be realistic and honest about the repetitive tasks as well as the opportunities for creativity and growth within the role.

Once the role and candidate requirements have been established, it’s important to define the selection process. This includes determining the necessary stages of interviews, assessments, and reference checks. Transparency is key in communicating the selection process to the candidates from the beginning.

To attract suitable candidates, it’s important to consider various sources for recruitment. These could include internal referrals, job postings on platforms like LinkedIn or company websites, and leveraging social media or blogs to reach potential candidates. The sources should be selected based on their relevance to the position being filled.

Lastly, it’s important to budget the costs associated with the hiring process. This includes considering recruitment expenses such as job postings and external services, as well as the expected gross salary for the position. Transparency about the salary range is important in order to manage candidates’ expectations and ensure a fair and efficient selection process.

So, what’s next?

We invite you to use the OnlyTopTalent Recruitment Canvas whether you are our client or not. If you decide to rely on our Managed Custom Recruitment Services, we will guide you step by step in the creation of the canvas and support you at extremely low cost and without the payment of success fees in the search for your specific vetted Top Talent.

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