Master Your Skills with Only Top Talent Free Training Tests

Below you can find a series of tests in different skills and job areas. You can use these tests to prepare for the OnlyTopTalent assessments to become a Top Talent. Keep in mind that these are not the questions you will have to answer during the assessment, and they are slightly easier than the questions you will receive once you decide to apply to become a Top Talent. Please take our practice English test first and then select one of the hard/technical skills test that is more in line with your knowledge, work experience and career aspirations.

As a good rule of thumb, if you fail to achieve at least 60% correct answers on any of the test below it is not worth your time attempting to become a Top Talent, on the contrary if you achieve a score over 70% we strongly encourage you to begin the process of becoming a Top Talent by applying on this page.

Please note that below there are only a few training tests whilst the library of assessment to become a Top Talent includes 300+ specific ones so once you apply we will tailor a custom test based on your work history, skills and aspirations.

English Knowledge Test

Let’s start with a quick English knowledge test that will take you less than 5 minutes. If you achieve at least a 70% score we encourage you to take one of the technical preparation tests below. Please note that the English test you will do to become a Top Talent is the CEFR that will help you understand your knowledge of English based on the different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). 

When you feel ready, apply to become a Top Talent. 

Hard Skills/Technical Tests

Here you can find a list of technical tests broken down by work area, practice one or more that you feel are relevant to your past work experience, skills and career aspirations, if you score above 60% correct answers you have what it takes to become top talent, so we encourage you to start the process!

Shortcuts to the hard skills practice tests divided by category:

– Marketing tests (4 assessments)

– Sales and business development tests (2 assessments)

– Product/project and SCRUM master tests (3 assessments)

– Finance and accounting tests (2 assessments)

– HR and talent acquisition tests (2 assessments)

– Frontend/backend development and QA tests (3 assessments)

– Data scientist and data analysts tests (2 assessments)

– Creative and design tests (2 assessments)

– Customer success and support tests (2 assessments)

Work Environment Fit Tests

try to understand which type of work environment is best suited for your personal and professional characteristics with our tests made to discover if you are a ‘Startup person’ a ‘Scaleup person’ or a Corporate person’. We believe that finding our this information is critical to you professional growth and you happiness.

Go to the work environment fit tests