Introducing OnlyTopTalent Managed Recruitment Packages

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Introducing OnlyTopTalent Managed Recruitment


Are you looking for very specific Top Talents or are you hiring for on-site roles in a city? Our ability to help you find the right Top Talent is made possible in those cases by our Managed recruitment services and packages. We understand that not all companies and, more importantly, not all roles can be managed and performed remotely. We are also aware of the fact that our ever-growing database of Top Talents can not cover all the specific needs of employers. When you are looking for a very specific talent to add to your team or for candidates that can work in a specific city we offer you our Managed Recruitment packages in which we tailor the search of Top Talents to your needs.

What is Managed Recruitment?

Our Managed Recruitment Packages offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to finding top talent. Here’s how our process ensures the best fit for your needs:

Here’s how it works:

1. Firstly, we begin with a detailed analysis of your requirements. This involves a 1-hour call to create a Recruitment Canvas, a one-pager summarizing key aspects of your search for a specific role.

2. Secondly, based on the insights from the Recruitment Canvas, we craft a targeted job description.

3. Thirdly, we publish this job description on major job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed, ensuring visibility through paid premium placements.

4. Next, we meticulously screen the received CVs, selecting candidates that best align with your needs.

5. Furthermore, in collaboration with you, we design a customized technical test for the candidates, along with video screening questions.

6. Subsequently, we invite candidates to complete these tests and record their responses, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

7. Moreover, for candidates scoring at least 70%, we create a Top Talent profile and edit a video showcasing their answers.

8. Finally, we present you with the 2 or 3 most suitable Top Talents from this process, ready for your final selection.

How Much it Costs?

Our Custom Managed Recruitment packages are not only affordable but also free from additional or success fees. Starting at just €/$/£799 for 2 vetted Top Talents and €/$/£999 for 3, you receive a professional, customized candidate sourcing, screening, and selection process.

For a very reasonable price, you get a highly professional and bespoke recruitment service, tailored to your specific needs.

Have a look at our Managed Recruitment packages here

What is the Recruitment Canvas?

Starting a recruitment process without proper research and analysis can be risky, potentially leading to wasted time and costly mistakes. Similarly, embarking on a journey without knowing the destination or stops along the way can be daunting. Therefore, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the position and determine if hiring a new resource is necessary.

Furthermore, the Recruiting Canvas is a one-page document designed as the initial step for any company or team before initiating a recruiting process. Importantly, it provides a concise and easily readable summary of essential elements of a job position. This canvas serves as a guide throughout the entire process, ensuring a streamlined approach.

Additionally, the idea behind the Recruitment Canvas is inspired by the Lean Canvas, a tool commonly used by startups and companies to evaluate projects and achieve a ‘Product>Market Fit’. Similarly, the Recruitment Canvas aims to guide the path towards a ‘Company>Role>Candidate Fit’, ensuring alignment between the company’s needs, role requirements, and candidate expectations.

Aligning Company Goals and Candidate Aspirations

The goal of the Recruitment Canvas is to facilitate the perfect alignment between company needs, role expectations, and candidate qualities and aspirations. This alignment fosters a satisfying and lasting working relationship for both parties involved. By fitting the ‘role’ and ‘candidate’ puzzle pieces together, the bigger picture of a complete and successful company is formed.

Additionally, the Recruitment Canvas is a collaborative document that originates from internal discussions within the company. It may also involve external actors like OnlyTopTalent experts. It helps focus the search process from the beginning, avoiding unnecessary changes that waste time and resources.

Before final approval, the Recruitment Canvas requires internal discussions involving all stakeholders. The goal is to find a solution that meets the genuine business needs, excluding personal preferences. Once approved, the document can be shared with the rest of the company and third parties, such as OnlyTopTalent Experts or headhunters, if involved.

Lastly, feel free to adopt the Recruitment Canvas as your own, even if you are not our client. It serves as a valuable tool for any organization embarking on a recruitment process. 

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