Choose a Package that’s Right for You

No Success fees, no retainers, no subscriptions. Simply choose the amount of candidates you want to contact (from 1 to unlimited). Your credit lasts for up to a year!


Original price was: 99 €.Current price is: 72 €.
  • Contact 1 candidate
  • Download full profile data (1 CV)
  • Credits valid for 30 days
  • Receive Weekly Top Talents email
  • Free onboarding call
  • Email support


Original price was: 1.499 €.Current price is: 979 €.
  • Contact UNLIMITED candidates
  • Download full profile (Unlimited CVs/Talents)
  • Access valid for 90 days
  • Receive Daily Top Talents email
  • Free onboarding call
  • 10% discount on other OnlyTopTalent services
  • Request 2 Roles searches (eg. UI designer in Finland)
  • Email support

Managed Recruitment

Do you want to outsource the recruitment process? We can offer you a fully managed and customized recruitment service

Want to know more? Let’s discuss this in a free call. 

2 Custom Top Talents

Original price was: 1.099 €.Current price is: 799 €.

We fully outsource the recruitment process and we find for you the top 2 Talents for your specific role.

  • 1 hour call with you + Recruitment Canvas
  • JD writing/editing + premium posting (50€ investment)
  • CV screening (we review up to 150 resumes)
  • Direct outreach to at least 10 passive candidates
  • 1 custom technical test (we create a multi-choice technical test or coding challenge)
  • 1 custom set of screening questions (up to 10 recorded audio/video answers)
  • 1 Behavioral test
  • 1 English test (or other language)
  • We invite 8-11 candidates to the tests/assessments
  • You get the Top 2 Talents (with their tests results, audio/video interview, full resume and personal contacts)
  • BONUS: Free START package included (1 month free access to Top Talents full database)

Employers Recruitment Add-on Services

You have identified good candidates but you need some help with their further qualification? No problem, thanks to our network of over 150 Technical, Behavioral and Linguist experts we can help you with specific interviews and tests.

Talents Tests

Original price was: 50 €.Current price is: 29 €.

Do you want to assess hard, soft and language skills of your current team or your candidates? We have the solutions for you. (Price is per candidate and per test)

  • Hard skill multi-choice test
  • Hard skill coding challenge test
  • Behavioral test (different available based on the role type)
  • Language test (different languages available)

Behavioral Interview

Original price was: 249 €.Current price is: 179 €.

A Behavioral Expert is a psychologist with experience in the recruiting field. He/she assesses soft skills, work attitude and potential of candidates. (usually your shortlisted candidates)

  • 45 minutes behavioral interview with a psychologist/psychiatrist
  • Assess true soft skills/behavior traits of your candidate/s
  • Get a report from the behavioral expert

Top Talents Profile Add-ons

You can make your Top talent profile stand out even more by getting tested for additional hard skills and languages. Note: these services are only available to Top Talents

Language Test

Original price was: 50 €.Current price is: 29 €.

Do you want to add to your Top Talent profile a test that certifies the knowledge of other Languages?

  • 1 Language test
  • Different languages available (IT, FR, ES, DE, PT, JP, CN)
  • Different levels (A1 to C1)
  • We add to your Top Talent page the results of the test
  • Available only if you are a Top Talent

Technical Test

Original price was: 50 €.Current price is: 29 €.

Do you want to add to your Top Talent profile a test that certifies the knowledge of additional technical skills?

  • 1 Technical test
  • Search the library of tests available here
  • Different roles and skills available
  • We add to your Top Talent page the results of the test
  • Available only if you are a Top Talent

Not Sure Which Package is Best for You?

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Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we accept credit/debit card payments (all the major cards issuers) via secure Stripe payments. Credit/debit card is the preferred payment method and gives you quick access to our services. We also accept bank transfer payments. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order will not be completed until the funds have cleared in our account.


We offer refund on case by case evaluation. If you want to ask for a refund please send us an email at [email protected] and explain us your case, we will answer you within a week.

On some special occasions we issue coupon codes to get additional discounts on our packages. If you have one code use it in the checkout page and it will be applied to your order. Please note that our coupon codes are not stackable.

Sometimes you are looking for a very specific role and/or in a very specific area. Some companies, especially startup and small companies, do not have an internal HR and/or talent acquisition department. If one of these is your case we have a solution ready for you: 2 packages where we use our platform to manage the full recruitment process and completely customize it for your needs. We find and qualify 2 or 3 top candidates for your bespoke recruitment project. Discover more here.

OnlyTopTalent works with a network of experts (technical, behavioral and linguists), and is able to offer you additional recruitment related services to better qualify your candidates and existing team members. Typically you want to use the Technical interviews service when you don’t have an hiring manager for a role or the person is too busy with daily work. You want to use a Behavioral Interview service when you don’t have an internal HR department or someone with a psychologist degree working at your company. You use the Language Fluency service when you want to assess real language knowledge of your candidates (not only business related knowledge). You can use our tests when you have candidates in your pipeline that are currently not on the OnlyTopTalent platform but you want to get an enriched view of their profile with those assessments (alternatively you can ask those candidates to create a free profile on our platform…). Some companies use Talents tests services to assess their current team members.

Sure, fill the ‘Company’ field in the checkout page and use the ‘Other notes’ field to add the details of your company including the VAT number and we will send you the invoice for the package/s bought.

When you are a Top Talent you already standout from the rest of the candidates, but sometimes you want to highlight even more some of your skills and competences. Only for our Top talents we offer the ability to take additional tests (hard skills and languages) to add to your page. Please note that you won’t be able to re-take the standard test by buying one of these add-ons and that you can get assessed for additional skills only if you are already a Top Talent. In case you won’t reach a 70% score in the additional tests you take you can decide if publish the results or not to your page. You can ask to get an additional test by writing an email to [email protected] or you can get tested for free by joining our Top Talent referral program.