About OnlyTopTalent

As a recruiter or someone hiring, what if you could go and find Top Talents that fit your needs and want to work for your company? Also, what if you could screen candidates without the hustle of setting up calls, taking notes and pass those notes to your colleagues? Or worse, discover during those calls that the candidate is out of budget, not actively looking or a bad cultural fit for your company?

OnlyTopTalents solves all these problems, and more

Access and filter our database of vetted candidates and learn much more than what you can find in a normal resume. With OnlyTopTalents you get access to important data about candidates such as:

  • audio/video first screening interview
  • results of a behavioral test
  • results of technical skill test
  • current and desired salary
  • outcome of a English proficiency test
  • current notice period
  • overall seniority
  • main hard and soft skills
  • desired type/size of company
  • desired work environment 
  • and many more

We are changing how finding talents works, by reducing repetitive, boring, expensive and time consuming activities in the sourcing process. Less than 7% of those who apply become Top Talent, so you will deal only with the best of the best.

You have the need to hire in a city or you are looking for certain specific skills? Not a problem, we can help you source and assess Top Talents tailored to your needs with our affordable Managed Recruitment Packages.

Candidates also like us because we enable shorter recruitment process and avoid them to repeat information over and over. Talents love to be contacted by potential employers that are already aligned with their career desires and aspirations.

Our Main Benefits

Some of the Main Benefits for Employers

Your Dream Talents/Employers Are Waiting

Join the recruitment process revolution

Need Help with the Entire Recruitment Process?

Not a problem, our sister company, ExpHire, can help you with writing a job description, performing technical and behavioral interviews and specific tests and assignments (eg. pair coding interview). ExpHire Experts qualify candidates thanks to their experience, they are not headhunters. Technical Experts have at least 5 years experience in the role you are filling.

Want to know how we can help you recruit the best talents?

Not a problem, let’s jump on a free call to talk about it!

Employer Frequently Asked Questions

First of all it’s free! When you register an account you can access all our Top Talents enriched profiles. These includes premium information about candidates and way more data than traditional resumes (salary, video interview, desired type of company, results to hard and soft skills tests and much more). You will also get a weekly email showing the newly added Top Talents of the week (you can of course unsubscribe).

You can get in touch with our vetted top talents by using a credit of one of your paid packages (visit this page for more info). You should mention OnlyTopTalent in the first  message/call to candidates that you have already reviewed their Top Talent profiles and that your needs align with their skills and aspirations.

Sure, go to your profile page and invite more employees to your organization, they will be able to search talents, shortlist candidates, and view the talents already shortlisted by other team members. In this way you can easily collaborate by sharing the same account. Typical use case scenario is an internal HR department that wants to share potential good candidates with hiring managers of different company teams.

We verify talents’ data, but if for some reason they do not answer to your messages or calls at all, please flag it to us using our contact form here. Top Talent might consider suspending/deleting a talent account that is not responsive. We evaluate on a case-by-case basis the possibility of making refunds or finding other remedies.

Yes you can promote our innovative recruitment platform and services by joining our affiliation program and getting 15% cut of every sales initiated from your unique referral link. You can cash your affiliation revenues or you can get discounts to buy our services (in case you are an employer/recruiter). Become an affiliate now.

We can start a custom search for you to source and assess talents for your bespoke needs. Refer to our Managed Recruitment Packages for this purpose.