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Become a Top Talent and Get Noticed by Top Recruiters

Generally, you find nothing fun in the process of getting a new job. Applying for hundreds of jobs can become a nightmare and takes on average 11 hours a week (for actively looking candidates). Recruiters often get a bad reputation because they offer you jobs you are not interested in and waste your time. All we see on social medias these days are people complaining about the recruitment process and how obsolete it is.

There’s got to be a better way to approach the recruitment process. That’s where OnlyTopTalent comes in. Think of us as the opposite of a job board. On our platform companies and recruiters apply to you!

We believe that finding an incredible job shouldn’t be so challenging. Therefore, we have created our reverse talent platform to help everyone from engineers to designers, and from salespeople to marketers, find their dream role. Initially, our job is to qualify you and your skills, along with your career aspirations and desires, and then match those with the perfect employers and companies that are interested in you.

Moreover, becoming a Top Talent on our platform is free, and although it will take some time for you to go through our enriched profile building process, ultimately, it will pay off in the long run. This approach saves you time and avoids useless conversations, ensuring a more efficient job search experience.

Less than 7% of those who apply become Top Talent

Once your enriched profile is setup on our platform you can also use it/link it on your resume and/or on your LinkedIn page or personal website. So the next time a recruiter asks you to have an initial screening call you can point them directly to your OnlyTopTalent profile page!

As a Top Talent you also get a digital certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile

Discover more about the process and the benefits of becoming a Top Talent here.

Do you know people (friends and colleagues) who might be potential Top Talents? Discover our Talent gets Talents referral program and get rewarded for spreading the word!

How It Works?

Becoming a Top Talent takes some effort and time, we ask you to dedicate around 2 hours of your time in total but we make you save hundreds hours in your future job search. Below are the steps of the onboarding process to get your free OnlyTopTalent page.

Our Main Benefits

Some of the Main Benefits for Talents

Let Employers Find You!

Start the process to become a Top Talent and get companies apply to you!

Talents Frequently Asked Questions

We are a reverse job board, employers apply to you! We save your time by creating an enriched profile that let’s employer know your strengths and aspirations.  

It is highly unlikely. Employers won’t see your name or contact details on the public profile page. Only when they pay for your contacts they will see those personal data, but we try to not disclose those to your current employer.If you fear recognition by your current employer, we suggest selecting the audio interview instead of the video one and choosing ‘Open to offers’ instead of ‘Actively looking’ when you submit the initial application form.

You can use the enriched profile also to apply to other employers (not the ones active on our platform).  We give you the link to your enriched OnlyTopTalent profile and you can add it to your resume and/or to your LinkedIn profile. It’s completely up to you. We suggest to always add it to your resume, and add it to your social media profiles only when you are actively looking for new opportunities.

To become a Top Talent and be awarded the badge, you need to pass the tests with at least a 70% score. You get an official digital certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile to prove your Top Talent status.

Once you become a Top Talent we will actively promote your profile to employers registered to our platform (always keeping your personal data anonymous till a real interest is showed).

Setting up an enriched profile on OnlyTopTalent requires some time, on average 2 hours in total.Remember that the time you invest in this activity pays off over time. You receive applications from employers instead of spending time searching and applying for jobs, and you experience shorter recruitment processes, eliminating the need for repetitive screening interviews.

It is important that you provide true and accurate data in the registration process and that you don’t cheat during the testing phase. If we discover inaccurate data and cheating we will remove your enriched profile and ban you forever from our platform.

OnlyTopTalent is currently completely free for candidates who apply through this link. We won’t ask money for creating  and keeping your enriched profile.

We have launched a Talent get Talent referral program. You can invite to OnlyTopTalent friends and colleagues or people you know are currently looking for a new career opportunity. 

Before officially publishing your profile we will ask you to review it and ask for any amendments needed. We won’t be able to change or modify the results of your tests for 2 years. If you move city/country or if your job search status changes over time you can ask us to change the relative data on your profile by sending an email to [email protected] with the URL of your personal profile and the data you want to modify.

“Normally, we keep your profile online for 2 years, after which we will request your consent to retain it for an additional 2 years. You can choose to retake the test every 2 years to reflect any evolution or change in your competence and knowledge. Meanwhile, you can request partial edits to your profile. If you wish to have your data completely deleted, please send an email to [email protected] to request data removal. We would appreciate receiving feedback about why you want your profile removed.”