OnlyTopTalent General Frequently Asked Questions

We are a revers job board in which employers find the top talents and apply to them. Employers access an enriched profile of the candidates with many more information (including hard and soft skill test results) compared to a classic resume. This allows employers to contact only the best fitted candidate for the role and to save money and time in the upper funnel part of the recruitment process (no need for screening interviews). Candidates are happy because they only talk with companies recruiters who are aligned with their skills and aspirations.

Registration to OnlyTopTalent is completely free for both employers and candidates.

Employers can register here and access all the enriched profiles of talents with exception of contact details (these are paid, discover our packages here). No success fee, no subscription, just pay for contact top vetted talents. Do you need some bespoke Top Talents? Choose our Managed Recruitment packages.

Candidates can start the process to apply to become a top talent here. It’s completely free!

Currently we cover 14 main areas of expertise (Business & strategy management, Customer success & support, Finance and accounting, Legal and tax, Content, social & editorial, data 6analytics, HR & recruitment, marketing & growth, Creative & design, Sales & business development, IT, systems & cloud, Product & project management, Software development, Software quality assurance.  We might add more in the future. The current active areas cover hundreds of roles.

Sure, have a look at this video to see an example of how the platform works for Employers and have a look at this other video to understand how candidates can become Top Talents.

For two main reasons: 1. not all candidates want to let people know they are looking for a job, so we protect their privacy. 2. we try to make the recruitment process impartial and unbiased.

Sure, employers can use our contact page to send us a message, or can book a free call with us to have an overview of our platform and ask us other questions.

Talents can contact us by using the form on this page (leave empty the company related fields).

You probably didn’t provide consent when you first visited one of our pages. In order to watch audio/video interview of Top Talents you need to clear your browser cache and re-enter our website, this time providing cookies consent.

Employer Frequently Asked Questions

First of all it’s free! When you register an account you can access all our Top Talents enriched profiles. These includes premium information about candidates and way more data than traditional resumes (salary, video interview, desired type of company, results to hard and soft skills tests and much more). You will also get a weekly email showing the newly added Top Talents of the week (you can of course unsubscribe).

You can get in touch with our vetted top talents by using a credit of one of your paid packages (visit this page for more info). You should mention OnlyTopTalent in the first  message/call to candidates that you have already reviewed their Top Talent profiles and that your needs align with their skills and aspirations.

Sure, go to your profile page and invite more employees to your organization, they will be able to search talents, shortlist candidates, and view the talents already shortlisted by other team members. In this way you can easily collaborate by sharing the same account. Typical use case scenario is an internal HR department that wants to share potential good candidates with hiring managers of different company teams.

We verify talents’ data, but if for some reason they do not answer to your messages or calls at all, please flag it to us using our contact form here. We might consider suspending/deleting a talent account that is not responsive. We evaluate on a case-by-case basis the possibility of making refunds or finding other remedies.

Yes you can promote our innovative recruitment platform and services by joining our affiliation program and getting 15% cut of every sales initiated from your unique referral link. You can cash your affiliation revenues or you can get discounts to buy our services (in case you are an employer/recruiter). Become an affiliate now.

We can start a custom search for you to source and assess talents for your bespoke needs. Refer to our Managed Recruitment Packages for this purpose.

Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we accept credit/debit card payments (all the major cards issuers) via secure Stripe payments. Credit/debit card is the preferred payment method and gives you quick access to our services. We also accept bank transfer payments. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order will not be completed until the funds have cleared in our account.


We offer refund on case by case evaluation. If you want to ask for a refund please send us an email at [email protected] and explain us your case, we will answer you within a week.

On some special occasions we issue coupon codes to get additional discounts on our packages. If you have one code use it in the checkout page and it will be applied to your order. Please note that our coupon codes are not stackable.

Sometimes you are looking for a very specific role and/or in a very specific area. Some companies, especially startup and small companies, do not have an internal HR and/or talent acquisition department. If one of these is your case we have a solution ready for you: 2 packages where we use our platform to manage the full recruitment process and completely customize it for your needs. We find and qualify 2 or 3 top candidates for your bespoke recruitment project. Discover more here.

OnlyTopTalent works with a network of experts (technical, behavioral and linguists), and is able to offer you additional recruitment related services to better qualify your candidates and existing team members. Typically you want to use the Technical interviews service when you don’t have an hiring manager for a role or the person is too busy with daily work. You want to use a Behavioral Interview service when you don’t have an internal HR department or someone with a psychologist degree working at your company. You use the Language Fluency service when you want to assess real language knowledge of your candidates (not only business related knowledge). You can use our tests when you have candidates in your pipeline that are currently not on the OnlyTopTalent platform but you want to get an enriched view of their profile with those assessments (alternatively you can ask those candidates to create a free profile on our platform…). Some companies use Talents tests services to assess their current team members.

Sure, fill the ‘VAT’ field in the checkout page and use the ‘Other notes’ field to eventually add other details of your company (if needed) and we will send you the invoice for the package/s bought within 3 working days.

When you are a Top Talent you already standout from the rest of the candidates, but sometimes you want to highlight even more some of your skills and competences. Only for our Top Talents we offer the ability to take additional tests (hard skills and languages) to add to their pages. Please note that you won’t be able to re-take the standard test by using one of these add-ons and that you can get assessed for additional skills only if you are already a Top Talent. In case you won’t reach a 70% score in the additional tests you take you can decide if publish the results or not to your page. You can ask to get an additional test by writing an email to [email protected] or you can get new tests for free by joining our Top Talent referral program.

Talents Frequently Asked Questions

We are a reverse job board, employers apply to you! We save your time by creating an enriched profile that let’s employer know your strengths and aspirations.  

It is highly unlikely. Employers won’t see your name or contact details on the public profile page. Only when they pay for your contacts they will see those personal data, but we try to not disclose those to your current employer. If you are afraid of being recognized by your current employer we suggest you to select the audio interview instead of the video one at to select ‘Open to offers’ instead of ‘Actively looking’ in the initial application form submission.

You can use the enriched profile also to apply to other employers (not the ones active on our platform).  We give you the link to your enriched OnlyTopTalent profile and you can add it to your resume and/or to your LinkedIn profile. It’s completely up to you. We suggest to always add it to your resume, and add it to your social media profiles only when you are actively looking for new opportunities.

To become a Top Talent and be awarded the badge, you need to pass the tests with at least a 70% score. You get an official digital certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile to prove your Top Talent status.

Once you become a Top Talent we will actively promote your profile to employers registered to our platform (always keeping your personal data anonymous till a real interest is showed).

Setting up an enriched profile on OnlyTopTalent requires some time, on average 2 hours in total. Keep in mind that the time invested in this activity is well repaid over time, by getting application from employers (and not spending time searching and applying for jobs) and by shortening the recruitment processes you will be in (no need for repetitive screening interviews anymore).

It is important that you provide true and accurate data in the registration process and that you don’t cheat during the testing phase. If we discover inaccurate data and cheating we will remove your enriched profile and ban you forever from our platform.

OnlyTopTalent is currently completely free for candidates who apply through this link. We won’t ask money for creating  and keeping your enriched profile.

We have launched a Talent get Talent referral program. You can invite to OnlyTopTalent friends and colleagues or people you know are currently looking for a new career opportunity. You will get rewarded for every Top Talent you will get!

Before officially publishing your profile we will ask you to review it and ask for any amendments needed. We won’t be able to change or modify the results of your tests for 2 years. If you move city/country or if your job search status changes over time you can ask us to change the relative data on your profile by sending an email to [email protected] with the URL of your personal profile and the data you want to modify.

Your profile will normally stay online for 2 years, after which we will ask you to give us consent to keep it for a additional 2 years. You can decide to get re-tested every 2 years in case your competence and knowledge has evolved/changed. You can ask for partial edits of your profile in the meantime. If you want your data completely deleted you can send an email to [email protected] asking for the removal of your data (it would be appreciated to receive a feedback about the reason you want your profile removed).

You can take more tests (language and hard skills) and add the results to your page so that you can shine and stand out even more. In order to get those additional test you need to join our Talent referral program and reach the amount of points needed to unlock tests.