Meet FAB: Your AI Assistant for Instant Support and Answers

You can chat with FAB in English or using your native language. You can ask our AI bot different type of questions. Here are some examples:

– How can I become a Top Talent? What are the benefits of being a Top Talent? Will I get a certificate to share on LinkedIn? How can I make my Top Talent profile more noticed by employers?

– What are the benefits of using OnlyTopTalent as an employer? Where do I register for an employer account? What are the services offered to recruiters? What type of talents can I find? Can I start a bespoke talent search on OnlyTopTalent?

– Can you find 3 top talents in Milan who are marketing experts? Please give me the link of talents with PM expertise. Can you show me the pages of 5 talents who have worked in a startup in the past?

Please use the reset button in the up-right of the chat window below if you notice that the FAB is becoming less precise with its answers.