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On May 2, 2023, all users received an email informing both candidates and client companies that the reverse recruiting service will be discontinuing their platform permanently. As of May 3, 2003, all accounts have closed, and registering on the platform as a candidate or client company is no longer possible. Laskie, a pioneer in reverse recruiting where companies apply for talent, has innovated in this area. On May 15, 2023, Twitter announced the acquisition of Laskie. The future plans remain unclear. Currently, a message appears when trying to access the Laskie website: ‘The Laskie platform is no longer available’.
You do not have to despair, there is a viable alternative for candidates and companies that is able to replace and enhance reverse recruitment services: OnlyTopTalent.
If you are a talent orphaned by Laskie, I invite you to apply to become a Top Talent on our platform, please visit this page.

Our Platform is a great platform that connects both employers and job seekers effortlessly. It offers multiple advantages such as reduced costs, quicker response rates, efficient hiring, amongst many others. Are you now curious about how works? It’s easy! The platform ensures that only the best of the best vetted talents are made available for employers. No success fee and no subscription!

As a Talent you can use your enriched profile on our platform to get companies apply to you,  add it to your LinkedIn profile and/or resume to get noticed when you apply to roles actively.

So, go ahead and give a go. Not convinced yet? Keep reading to find out the benefits that come with using for both employers and job seekers.

What is

Allow me to introduce you to our better alternative: Our company is a game changer in the recruitment industry and has been providing top-quality services since its inception.

We firmly believe that posting a job is no longer a viable option in today’s world. We also think that candidates shouldn’t waste time in their job search interacting with companies that do not align with their career aspirations. operates on a simple principle: to help businesses hire the best talent in the industry while saving time and money. The company’s website is user-friendly and provides easy access to a host of talented job seekers across various industries. Our platform provides powerful filters to help you find the best candidates quickly and efficiently.

Have a look at this page with different resources and tips for Employers and Talents to understand the benefits of the platform and how to move the first steps in it.

OnlyTopTalent for Employers

Our platform,, boasts several advantages that make it the better choice for businesses. For instance, the company follows a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the best talent is recruited. This way businesses are confident that they’re getting value for their money. Another advantage of is that we don’t charge you a subscription and we don’t ask any success fee, as an employer you only pay small fees to contact talents you are interested in. 

With a single click, you can review pre-vetted candidates available in our database, saving you up to 50% of your time-to-hire. Our platform also allows you to browse and evaluate talents’ pre-assessed skills, including hard, soft, and language skills. You can even watch first screening video interviews of top talents in their enriched profiles.

These are some of the benefits for Employers:

  • save time (up to 50%) on sourcing and screening interviews
  • optimize your recruitment process
  • hire talents that fit your culture and meet the role hard skills needs
  • access a global database of vetted talents
  • save money (up to 98% compared to traditional headhunting fees)
  • get fewer mis-hires and lower turnover

An remember there are no subscription fees or success fees, and you only pay for the candidates you want to contact.

Start by opening a free employer account here. It takes only 1 minute. You can also book a free call with us here.

Watch the video below to have a guide tour of the platform..

OnlyTopTalent for Candidates

Never apply to a job again. Is it just a dream? No, build your OnlyTopTalent profile and wait for great companies to apply to you. As a Candidate you can apply to become a Top Talent and you need to pass 3 assessments (technical skills, behavioral test and English proficiency) with an average of 70% correct answers to have your profile published on our platform.

Building your profile is completely free

You also need to answer and record a screening video (or audio, if you are camera shy) interview that is one of the main eye catcher for recruiters and headhunters. Once this video is professionally edited you will no longer need to repeat over and over the same answers in screening calls, instead you can simply point the recruiters to you OnlyTopTalent page where the interview is accessible for free.

Here are some of the main benefits of becoming a Top Talent:

  • save up to 50% time finding a new job
  • get noticed by headhunters and recruiters
  • get companies apply to you
  • talk directly with hiring mangers (skip the boring part of the process)
  • get job offers in line with your seniority and your salary expectations 
  • become accessible to employers worldwide 
  • add your enriched OnlyTopTalent page/link also to your resume and/or to your LinkedIn profile
  • no more boring screening interview calls

It sounds great and it is, but the truth is that not every one has what it take to become a Top talent. Also, remember that our application process require 1,5 to 2 hours of your time in total, so it is a serious commitment. It is time well spent since it will save you hundreds hours in your job search.

Have a look at the video below to understand the process and the benefits of becoming a Top Talent and when you are ready apply to become a Top Talent

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