Talents: How to Prepare for the Assessments

Approach the Tests with Confidence

Some people may become nervous when they are called upon to take tests and trials; this tension should not be applied to OnlyTopTalent tests. Our tests are not designed to put you on the spot or in a bad light; on the contrary, they are intended to bring out a true and honest picture of your professorial and personal characteristics.
Our testing session includes:
an English language test (we use CEFR test)
a behavioral test (Big five inventory)
an hard skills test (based on the position you hold and/or would like to hold), with multiple choice questions.

Our tests have no tricks, no multiple valid answers to a question, and are designed to be taken in the time needed (without putting anxiety, but with a set time for each).

Cheating is Pointless

Avoid trying to copy or look online for solutions to the questions, in most cases there is no need to resort to this and the time lost in finding an answer  does not allow the test itself to be completed, invalidating the search for outside help. The testing platform also has an anti-cheating control system, which signals the possible use of external means to give the answers. Ultimately, lying and cheating in tests makes no sense, as ‘lies have short legs’ and would soon be discovered by employers.
Take the tests with serenity, take your time to answer them in peace, you may take breaks between tests, but not during each single test.
I recommend you take the test over the weekend or at a time slot, such as in the evening, where you know you will not be disturbed by emails, notifications on your phone, and other external elements.
At the end of the test session is the video interview, again I recommend calmness and concentration. Avoid anxiety and imagine you are talking to a person in front of you; perfection is not required, but naturalness is definitely appreciated by employers. You can read more about how to prepare for this stage here.

If you encounter any technical problems during the tests you can write us at [email protected]
Here is short video that prepares you to take your test with OnlyTopTalent.

Tests Results

When you submit your tests, the results are calculated by the system, and a person reviews them to create your enriched profile on OnlyTopTalent. Bear with us a few days to allow this process to take place (we also need to edit your video interview…). When your page is ready we send you an email, at which time you have the opportunity to learn about your test results and to ask for any changes to the page itself (within limits, we cannot change your test results for example). Now that your page is online you can use it in different ways to find your ideal job.

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