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Having more than 5 years of experience in both manufacturing supply chains and software technology industries, I have worked as an operations leader and product manager. My area of expertise includes leading projects aimed at improving the overall performance of the supply chain, from procurement to last-mile logistics. I am proficient in utilizing lean tools and agile methodologies to enhance business value, quality, adoption, and customer satisfaction through process and product improvement.

Over the last year, I played an active role in the development of a restaurant technology solution. From its initial MVP to what it is now, an all-in-one restaurant management platform, I have been there to contribute with my expertise. In addition to enhancing product, sales, marketing, and customer success operations, the efforts led to a significant growth in active users, B2B accounts, MRR, and customer retention rate (all approximates) by 600%, 450%, 200%, and 89%, respectively. Through this journey, I gained valuable experience in product development, roadmap planning, market research, and managing cross-functional teams.

One of my major accomplishments was leading the implementation of an improved search engine on for our diner platform, which transitioned from an exact match to a more elastic search. As a result, there was an approximately 12 times increase in user search queries and 31% increase in user engagement rate. Additionally, I had the opportunity to conduct user tests and interviews, rebuild customer onboarding, design user journey maps and service blueprints, all of which contributed to the overall success of the platform.

Lastly, I am thrilled about the prospect of contributing my knowledge and experience to a diverse range of product categories such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, ERP software, business intelligence and analytics, fintech, and e-commerce. As a highly motivated and avid learner, I am always eager to tackle new challenges and explore new opportunities for growth.

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Critical thinking and analytical, adaptive problem-solving, prioritization, communication, leadership


Bachelors of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 2017
Landmark University, Kwara – Nigeria


Product roadmap
Wireframing and prototyping
User & market research
Lean six sigma
Basic Python programming