3 Custom Top Talents

We fully outsource the recruitment process and we find for you the top 3 Talents for your specific role.

  • 1 hour call with you + Recruitment Canvas
  • JD writing/editing + premium posting (100€ investment)
  • CV screening (we review up to 250 resumes)
  • Direct outreach to at least 20 passive candidates
  • 1 custom technical test (multi-choice technical test or coding challenge)
  • 1 custom set of screening questions (up to 10 recorded audio/video answers)
  • 1 Behavioral test
  • 1 English test (or other language)
  • We invite 12-16 candidates to the tests/assessment s
  • You get the Top 3 Talents (with their tests results, audio/video interview, full resume and personal contacts)
  • BONUS: Free START package included (1 month free access to Top Talents full database)

Original price was: 1.499 €.Current price is: 999 €.


We fully outsource the recruitment process and find for you the Top 3 Talents for a specific role.